In the game Minecraft saddle can get in the following ways:

1. Find the chest containing treasure, or purchased from the butchers that sell saddles at a cost of about 9 emeralds for one.

2. Also the saddle can be crafted by yourself. For this you will need: iron (ingot 3), animal skins (5 pieces). Skin you can get, if you kill, for example, a cow.

The saddle will crafteda as follows: place the skins of animals with the letter P, and then 3 iron ingots place in the form of the letter L.

3. There is another way to make a saddle. You will need: thread (1 unit), iron ingot (1 unit), red leather (3 units). Poluchiti of nikti and iron is quite simple, and to create a red skin will need normal skin (9 units). Place these items in the following way:

The use of saddles for horses and pigs differ. In order to climb and to ride on the pig, it is necessary to connect a carrot and a fishing rod. Initially, when you sit on an animal, it will reset, but after 3-4 attempts you will be able to teach.

If you use the saddle, remember the following rules. While riding on the pig, try to throw her eggs or snowflakes, then you will be able to fly in the air.Also the speed of the driving on the ice is increased. If the pig to run on top of the cart, it will move indefinitely.

One way to achieve is the ability to jump on the pig in the mountains so that the animal died.

The saddle can be used by pressing the RMB and pointing at the animal, then you will be able to throw the item on a pig or a horse. To move further by clicking on the shift key.

With a saddle you can ride or tame the mob. Remember that you will be able to take force from the animal, just in case, if you kill him.

Thus, to make a saddle in Minecraft you have to suffer, but in the future you will not walk, but ride.