The wide use of electronic money found in online stores. You can pay from any virtual system. However, we must consider the fact that for the transfer of money the purchase may be charged a fee. Therefore, it is advantageous to register in the payment system, in which the Commission is missing. The same applies to payment of utilities, traffic police fines, online, television and other services.

The most popular electronic wallets in Russia are: WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI and Rapida. To make purchases not only in Russia but also abroad. And to be able to shop in any corner of the globe, you have to register with Paypal.

To make payments online on a purse, you need to put money, that is, to make filling your e-mail account. The most affordable way to Fund a payment terminal or ATM. Transfer money to e-wallet can be performed with a Bank card or mobile phone. For this operation the Commission is taken, a certain percentage of the amount transferred. Give preference to the payment system, in which the Commission is minimal or not at all. For example, recharge QIWI wallet account without any fees in any terminal QIWI. To pay for goods and services on the Internet should be not only convenient, but also profitable.

Electronic money get paid people working remotely. Choose e-wallet depending on the nature and type of online business. The most common payment system for earnings is WebMoney. To receive payments from Google Adsense, you should register in the system Rapida.

If the purse can put money, then there is a way to bring them out. Any virtual system provides for the conclusion of electronic money to the Bank card. To money without loss of their own funds fail. The Commission for the withdrawal of a significant and often consists of a fixed amount plus a percentage of the amount transferred. Withdraw money unnecessarily is not necessary. The accumulated funds should be used efficiently. As a rule, each e-wallet is tied to the mobile phone account. Therefore, to transfer electronic money to the phone without a fee. To turn virtual money into real with minimal losses can be found by examining the features of each payment system.

Before registering an e-wallet, you should decide what types of electronic currency will use to conduct business or pay for online purchases. To a universal payment system is WebMoney, which you can open several accounts and use only rubles, but also dollars, Euro and other national currencies.

The advantages of e-wallet is the ability to instantly transfer and receive virtual money anywhere in the world. Can transfer money not only within one system but also to any other payment system. For money exchange one system to the other banknotes will be charged a certain percentage of the amount transferred. But to transfer money within the same system without a Commission.

To use modern electronic systems can not only ordinary users but crooks. So do not forget about caution and observe basic safety precautions – install an antivirus program, use complex password and do not tell anyone your login and password access to electronic wallets.

To say that one payment system is better and the other worse, it would not be right. It all depends on the specific requirements and objectives. It is possible to work effectively on the Internet one purse is not enough and we need to make two, maybe three types of electronic money.