To create the booties fondant you will need:

- finished mastic;

- food colourings;

- food-grade glue;

- cardboard;


- a pair of scissors.

  1. Draw on the cardboard of the shape shown in the photo (you can draw them "by eye").
  2. Using sharp scissors cut them out.
  3. Mastic is split into two parts. One part leave it as it is, and a different color using food coloring to pink. Mastic pink color roll to a thickness of about five millimeters, put on her cut out patterns and using a sharp knife carefully cut the workpiece. It should be noted that you must use an extremely sharp knife to eliminate the tension of the mastic.
  4. Take an ordinary toothpick (if there are no special tools for mastic), and mastic along the edge of the workpiece is larger make the holes, trying distance between them to do the same.
  5. Take mastic a blank sole and the billet top hat, glue them with edible glue. The template has marks, when cutting out the details of these points need to be noted, and the bonding should be integrated.
  6. In the same way create the second's booty.
  7. Roll out a small piece of pink putty, put her pattern in the form of bears and cut out the shape. In the same way make a second identical figure.
  8. Mastic natural beige roll out to a thickness of five millimetres and cut out four circles. Two circles with diameter equal to the diameter of the head shape in the form of bears, two to the diameter of the ears in the shape of teddies. Cut smaller circles in half and glue to the lugs cubs, large circles first put smoothly on the faces of bears, then gently slip them down a bit. Trim the excess paste.
  9. Rose mastic roll in a tiny ball the size of a pea.
  10. Place the balls on the faces of bears, they form the spouts. Gently with a toothpick make the eyes and paint them black.
  11. The figures stick to the front of the booties.
  12. Of mastic beige and pink color roll four small ball with a diameter of slightly more than peas. Two balls beige push with your fingers on the resulting "cakes" put beads pink color and gently press on them. Toothpick on the resulting figures make two holes. In the end, you should get the parts, resembling buttons.
  13. Attach the resulting "buttons" on the booties to the side, mimicking the buttoned straps.
  14. Booties fondant ready. Thus you can create booties in any color with any applique on the front of the products.