Advice 1: How to connect the tariff "penny" "Tele2"

Operator "Tele2" has recently appeared on the Russian market of cellular communication services, but has already managed to occupy a stable position thanks to the convenient tariff plan. To change settings use the operator's services in different ways.
How to connect the tariff "penny" "Tele2"
You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - the Internet.
Look in your city point of sale of SIM cards and customer care operator "Tele2", you can also contact the special trading points of sales of mobile phones, for example, Euroset, Svyaznoy, and so on. To yourself you must have a passport, please also note that any SIM card operators have certain age limit, usually mobile phone numbers are not registered to persons under age 18.
Complete the employee point of sales application for connect you the phone number of the operator "Tele2" using the tariff plan of care "penny". Please note that this action may not be available some regions of your country to know more detailed information, please refer to the official website of the company.
If you already have a SIM card with the operator "Tele2", make sure that it is available switching to other tariffs. After that, go to the official website of the company "Tele2" (, select in the top right corner your location and find out about existing plans for your location.
Please note if at the moment, this tariff plan, as previously it was removed from the list to navigate to the official sow. You can also connect the tariff plan the customer service offices of your city.
For this you need to have a passport, if a SIM card registered to you, and if the number is recorded on the other party, its presence is indispensable. You also need to have a phone with this SIM card. In cases where service "Tele2" is missing in your city, please call the technical support number 611, also contact her if you're having other issues with the card operator "Tele2".
The change of tariff plan is not available to all subscribers.

Advice 2: How to choose a tariff for Tele2

To select the optimal tariff for Tele2 is required to perform the direction of their calls. This will depend on what tariff will suit your needs and help save money.
choose the tariff for Tele2
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the mobile phone.
If your phonebook is dominated by the subscribers of Tele2, then you the most suitable tariff "Blue". It all calls within network will be free. If this fee is not charged. Calls to subscribers of other operators a little more expensive than the universal tariff "Orange".
The rate of "Orange" will suit those who do not have a clear advantage in calls to any operator. At this rate you can not think the caller which network you are calling or sending SMS. It is a universal tariff plan. The cost of all services will be the same for any operator.
The rate of "Yellow" is intended for fans of long conversations. When you call another subscriber of Tele2 user pays for only the first minute of a call, the remaining time will be free.
Other tariff plans Tele2 more specific and intended for a limited circle of users. The rate of "Green" for those who often have to call in other cities and abroad. Such calls are charged at reduced rates compared to other tariff plans from Tele2.
"Purple" is a unlimited plan with a monthly fee. In the package tariff includes unlimited calls within the network, a certain number of minutes to mobile and landlines, a mobile Internet package for free.
"Turquoise" is intended for preferring long conversations. Calls to any operators according to the tariff plan is free from the second minute. The challenges of third-party subscribers have a limit on the duration of the connection. It involves a monthly fee.
In some regions, the connection tariff "Blue" paused, instead, a tariff with cheap calls within the network is "Yellow". It is necessary to clarify the possibility to connect the tariff plan in your region.
Useful advice
To move to another tariff plan by calling the toll free number 630.

Advice 3: How to connect the tariff "Blue" Tele2

After the procedure of updating of tariff plans operator Tele2, one of the most popular is the rate of "Blue". Advantages of this tariff plan the calls are free, provided within the network home region, and no subscription fees. Consider what ways you can connect the tariff "Blue" Tele2.
How to connect the tariff "Blue" Tele2

Tariff plan "Blue" is perfectly suitable for all those users who actively communicate with other customers of Tele2, we have two rooms and want to take the opportunity to save on calls carried out within the network.

To connect the tariff "Blue" in several ways:

The first way is through a personal account. If you are registered in the personal Cabinet of Tele2, you must login and select the function "tariff Change". So you go on the right tariff plan "Blue", as well as get acquainted with its capabilities.

The second way is to call the number 630, which is free. Using commands of the system you will be able to select the right tariff.

The third way — USSD-command. You will need to dial *116*52# and then press call.

The fourth way — an appeal to the office of the company. In case of difficulties you can always contact the office of the operator Tele2, where experienced consultants will help you to select the right tariff plan of "Blue". Don't forget to bring your identity document.

The fifth method - support. Do not forget to connect the tariff "Blue" you can use the support. To do this, dial 611 and wait for the response of the operator of the telephone network that helps you to activate the tariff.

Keep in mind that the first change of tariff plan is always free, " you will write off the amount from 30 to 50 rubles depending on the region of residence.

So fast and simple you can connect the tariff plan "Blue" Tele2, which will give you a free telephone communication with subscribers of the network, and will provide an opportunity to save money.

Advice 4: How to connect the tariff "Black" Tele2

In 2015, the operator Tele2 has launched a new range of tariff plans, one of which is the rate of "Black". Consider the advantages of this tariff plan, the cost of connection and its capabilities.
How to connect the tariff "Black" Tele2

The rate of "Black" is intended for those users who do not like to monitor the balance of your phone and do not think about additional options. A small monthly fee of the tariff will provide an opportunity for unlimited communication with subscribers of Tele2. The big advantage of this tariff is the unlimited Internet.

The amount of payment and the cost of calls to other network operators will depend on your region of residence and service. To get more information on your region, you need to log into your account and go to the section "Tariffs".

Terms of use tariff "Black" Tele2

For a fixed monthly fee you can make free calls to subscribers of Tele2 in your area. The call time is unlimited, free Internet. The data limit is 1 GB, in the future there will be a limit of 64 Kbits/second.

The connection tariff "Black" Tele2

1. Login to your personal account and choose a tariff plan.

2. Send the command *630*1# and press call.

3. The connection tariff plan by calling number 630, then you will need to follow the instructions of autoinformer.

To disable the rate of "Black" you can through the personal Cabinet or at number 630.

To check the remainder of traffic on this tariff, you can use the command *155*0#, and then press the call button.

Advice 5: How to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2

In 2015, the operator Tele2 has announced a new line of "color" tariff plans. One of the best rates, offering a large number of minutes of calls to different operators is "Very black." Consider the features of this tariff how to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2.
How to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2

The rate of "Very black" Tele2

To connect to the tariff plan can be anyone (as an active subscriber of Tele2 and the new). Per-minute billing, service is made on a prepayment system.

This tariff will suit those subscribers of Tele2, which requires a large amount of minutes for calls to other operators in the home region, and fans to use mobile Internet and to communicate via SMS.

The subscription fee is 290 rubles per month.

For that amount, the subscriber receives 350 minutes for calls made to all operators of your home region; 150 SMS to Tele2 in Russia; calls to Tele2 at the cost of 0 rubles in the home region; 3 GB Internet traffic (threshold traffic speed is limited to 64 KB per second).

Methods of connection tariff "Very black" Tele2

The first way - go to the official website of Tele2 in the personal Cabinet and select a tariff plan. Keep in mind that this requires registration in the personal Cabinet.

The second method with the help of USSD-commands. Dial *630*2# and press the call button. Tariff plan "Very black" is connected.

The third way. You can call the toll free number 630 and following the instructions of IVR or operator to connect you interest rate.

The fourth method. In case of any difficulty connecting you can always contact the office of the operator and to perform the desired operation.

Keep in mind that the transition to this tariff plan, you need to have on your account was an amount of $ 290 rubles, which will be deducted to cover the monthly fee.

Thus, to connect the tariff "Very black" Tele2 pretty simple, and you'll be able to use the capabilities of the operator.

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