It is necessary to consider the special laws of the Russian language with the right declension of personal names. Only in this way can avoid confusion in the declension of the name Love and the declination of a noun meaning a feeling of "love". The declension of these words in different cases.

The main difference is in the preservation of the vowel "o" in the decline the name of Love and the fallout of her from a number of cases in the word "love".

Declension of the name Love and the word "love" as follows:

Nominative case: love – Love

Genitive: of love – love

Dative: love – love

Accusative case: love – Love

The instrumental case: love – Love

Prepositional case: love - love

Female Russian names that end in a soft consonant will be to lean in the same way as feminine nouns daughter, shadow, rye, night, etc. Similarly can lean the names of other Nations, ending in a soft consonant (Guzel, Aigul).

Like the name Love inclines the name Ninel (age it is inferior not only love, back reads like Lenin, but because it is easy to guess about the time of his birth), biblical women's names if they belong to the third declension: Ruth, Rachel, Esther, Judith.

The question of "how inclined the name of Love" is solved. But sometimes, in order not to get into an awkward situation, you should refresh your memory and other rules of the Russian language.