The new apartments are in high demand due to significantly lower prices on the early construction stage, so most of us need to know what to pay attention, taking an apartment in the building after completion of construction and delivery at home.

Most affordable flats from the so-called rough finish, that is, without plumbing, with walls that still have plaster and paint or Wallpaper glue on them, black floors, requiring laminate, tiles or other coverings. And still need to buy and put doors, tub, etc. So if your contract equity participation was provided for rough finish, you should expect that beauty in the apartment, because you buy what's called a "wall."

Make sure to check basic communication, such as:

1. Electricity. Should be installed meter must be one of the stress in the outlets (or on the conclusions in the apartment). In order to test the voltage the easiest way to take a household or tester with the light bulb soldered to two wires.

2. Ventilation can be checked by bringing to the pit a feather, a thread.

3. Heating. The pipes should be laid carefully, they should not be cracks, dents.

4. Window. Today typically install double glazing on the Windows, so just pay attention to the fact that the Windows were closed nice and tight were the fittings, from the Windows was not apparent.

5. Water supply, drainage, Sewerage, gas. Check the tubes, on them and around them should not be cracks, around pipes, through which water flows, must not be damp. Must be installed counters. Everything should be securely fastened.

6. Actual wall and floor and ceiling. Joints and large cracks should be sealed should not be eaten raw spots. Everything must be equal, respectively, horizontal and vertical.

Only if all of the above works, can you sign the act of acceptance and transfer. Now you are facing a large repair.