Buying an apartment with a rough finish really allows you to purchase housing is cheaper than in case if the repair is carried out by the developer. However, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises as a result of this acquisition, it is useful to understand what constitutes "rough finish".

The concept of rough finishing

The concept of rough finishing is very common in today's construction market, so there is a certain set of characteristics of the apartment, which is commonly a part of it. Typically, this set includes a fully finished construction and minimal amount of finishing work.

The walls in the apartment, where rough finish, usually plastered with rough plaster, that is, have a fairly smooth surface, but this requires processing the finishing putty, before applying a decorative coating, for example, Wallpaper glue or can paint. On the floor in the apartment there is a tie, which makes it suitable for implementation of works on the flooring. The room has Windows and doors; however, keep in mind that if the Windows are usually plastic, the door is a simple wooden or a plywood structure, which the tenants often change.

All utilities, including electricity, water and sanitation, to this apartment, as a rule, supplied, installed battery, or other heating devices. However, electrical appliances in the apartment are commonly not installed, and the other cable television, telephone and other, if any, require wiring in the apartment.

The legal definition of a rough finish

Some uncertainty in relation to such concepts as rough finish creates the absence of a corresponding term in the current legislation. So actually this concept represents today a collective set of characteristics, established during the practice of communication between developers and buyers in the market of housing under construction.

However, it is necessary to understand that, in each case, the developer can invest their own meaning in the concept of a rough finish, which not necessarily coincides with the fact that he understood her buyer. Therefore, acquiring an apartment with a rough finish, carefully review the contract of participation in which shall be recorded all the characteristics of the apartment, which the developer undertakes to provide at the time of its transfer to the buyer.