You will need
  • - capacitor;
  • generator;
  • key;
  • - wires.
Assemble the circuit with the capacitor, in which a sinusoidal voltage creates a generator of alternating current.
At zero voltage in the time circuit key in the first quarter of the period the voltage at the generator terminals will increase, and the capacitor will start charging. In the assembled chain will appear current, but, despite the fact that the voltage on the plates of the generator is still quite small, the value of the current in the circuit will be greatest (the value of its charge).
Note that decreasing the discharge of the capacitor increased current in the circuit is reduced, and the total discharge current is zero. The value of the voltage on the plates of the capacitor will continue to grow, and at the time of full discharge of the capacitor reaches the maximum value (i.e. the value will be completely opposite to the voltage on the plates of the generator). Thus, we can conclude: in the initial moment of time the current with the greatest power will flock to the uncharged capacitor, and the charging will start to decrease.