Diamond pattern are a set for needlework, which includes: cellular scheme with the designation of colors, crystals of different colors, sticky fabric, tweezers, small scissors to separate the individual crystals, a pencil to work with especially small round stones.

As a rule, crystals are placed in "reserve" to avoid problems with the computation of a mosaic, because some way or another can not be with marriage. In fact, the stones are made of plastic by stamping, with the cut "under the diamond" - so they beautifully shimmer and Shine.

Diamond pattern, or, in other words, Diamond Painting, require for making a few days at least. It is painstaking work that must be done in sequence, the process can ease some tricks.

How to make diamond pattern

  • Open bags with rhinestones and put them in containers
  • Cut a piece of tape and start the computation by rows. It is better not to have to clean up the entire film, otherwise it may attract dust and rhinestones will be worse to stay.
  • The rhinestones are laid out with tweezers, as close to each other.
  • Because come across defective crystals, you should start painting from the center or bright accents — not too beautiful strosinci left for the background.
  • When the picture is ready, it should be stretched on a frame, fixing region. Best to close the front side glass for safety, although it may conceal part of the Shine and iridescence.

Kits diamond embroidery can be found in stores exclusive gifts or to order online. Almost all sets that can be found issued by the Chinese manufacturers, so it makes no sense to pay more for packing and service at an expensive store. Most interesting is that some manufacturers are willing to produce kits for photography — you just have to send them a photo at high resolution and get ready diamond mosaic kit in the mail. This is simply the best gift for those who loves crafts, even some men love to collect these "puzzles".