You will need
  • - a good camera that can make decent pictures even without a flash;
  • tripod;
  • - spare batteries and memory cards.
A few days before the wedding visit the Church, have the blessing (permission) from the priest of the images in the temple. Find out whether you can use flash (some churches where flash photography is prohibited as it may ruin the paintings on the walls). Talk to a priest, he may be allowed to omit before the weddingm the candelabra (a large chandelier in front of the altar), with him shooting will be much lighter, moreover, it effectively fills the upper part of the vertical shots. Take a few test shots.
Observe in the temple, some of the rules. In any case do not go between the lectern and the iconostasis or between a priest and iconostasis, always go around the back. Do not walk on the carpets, it can go only the priests and those entering marriage. Do not go to the dais in front of the iconostasis – the Solea and the pulpit.
If you have given permission for the flash, do not overdo it, frequent flashes and clicks of the camera can disrupt the atmosphere of the wedding, will destroy the depth and sincerity of ordinances. Not to dazzle the young priest and at the crucial moment, choose the most correct combination of shooting modes. If the blessings the flash of you is not given, use a tripod and shoot long exposures.
If you are photographing young against the Church, leave the Church without domes and crosses, stand along with getting married a couple at some distance.
While photographing in the Church duplicate each frame, bring extra memory cards and batteries. Do not save images to, eventually, not to face the fact that the bride at a crucial moment closed his eyes.
Before each shot carefully check the composition, whether in the frame nothing more. Very often someone's head, a shoulder, a bouquet of flowers can ruin the perfect shot.
Remove not only the young but also the guests of relatives. Try at least approximately to know someone who is getting married. In addition to the standard General pictures on the steps of the temple, try to make an interesting reportage photo (mom wipes a tear in secret in the temple, sister gives flowers, etc.)
After the wedding, be sure to ask the priest to do a few staged photos with the young.