Under a gift basket understand a specific set of products of a premium class. Dry-cured sausages, farmhouse cheeses, chocolates and handmade biscuits, profiteroles, foie Gras, Parma ham, truffles and other delights of the world of gastronomy, and expensive alcohol - all of this you can use in the process of creating gift baskets. The most important thing that your chosen products perfectly complement each other.

In most cases, in a gift basket necessarily includes alcoholic beverage. It sets the tone for all future compositions, because alcohol is supplemented by the products traditionally combined with it. Thus, almost all wine is perfectly matched with cheeses. A basket of red dry wine to complement meats, for example ham, Armenian sujuk, Parma ham, English bacon. Good company to this alcohol will also be fruit, and any.

White dry wine is ideal almost all seafood: Norwegian salmon, oysters, mussels, lobster, scallops, red caviar. In a basket this wine can also be put low-fat sausages, fruit and cheese with white mold. Gentle creamy taste of the latter perfectly complements the taste of dry white wine.

Sweet and semi-sweet wines, including champagne, should be complemented with desserts, fruit, chocolate, biscuits, sweets. For dessert Sauternes is the perfect company will become foie Gras, French macarons, cheese biscuits and honey of rare grades.

In a basket of brandy can put Belgian chocolate, coffee, cheese, nuts, dried fruit. Tequila goes well with coffee and chocolate. A small SIP of the Mexican drink in combination with these products creates a Symphony of warm and deep taste.

The kit with the Russian vodka you can put a jar of salmon ROE or sturgeon, sausage, sprats in oil, marinated tomatoes, or cornichons. This basket of "character", so women in these kits to give you should not.

Popular gift baskets national direction. They are not difficult to assemble. Italian basket should include pasta, a bottle of Chianti, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes. The set can be based on beer. In this case, in the Dutch basket is to add the cheeses, German sausages and Belgian pate. The beer cart can be combined with mini sausages, savoury crackers, pistachios, peanuts.

Connoisseurs of tea and coffee can be used to assemble baskets, which will be the soloist of the drinks. So, coffee may include a coffee beans of different varieties, cashew or almond chocolate, brown sugar, apples. In a tea basket to include a selection of teas, Oriental sweets, dried fruits, cakes, marshmallows, candies, and jams.

When composing a gift set, it is extremely important to pay attention to the quality of the products involved. They must be not only a premium but also fresh. Kits with the products, are set to expire in days, can negate all the pleasant impressions of the present.