Many supermarkets offer ready luxurious fruit baskets for every taste and for any occasion. If you appreciate originality in all, try yourself in the role of designer, creating a totally unique fruit composition.

When making fruit-basket you first need to take into account the age and gender of the gift recipient. So, for a man of any age, ideal basket to the extent of extravagant design, full of tasty fruit. Among them can be, both conventional and exotic, exotic fruits like lychee, rambutan, kumquat, mango, papaya, etc.

Exotic filling is ideal for those who are looking for new experiences and loves to travel. Appearance, taste and aroma of exotic fruit akin to the little journey that can inspire more Grand achievements.

A fruit basket can be supplemented with greens, fresh flowers, chocolates and even alcohol, preferably expensive. As decor can also be tape. Of decoration for men's baskets, you should opt for ribbons in pastel colors.

When making fruit baskets for women, special attention should be paid to the appearance of the gift. However, the fruits themselves are a design element. They look beautiful and colorful. It is best to decorate the basket in a style that is suitable or preferred recipient of the gift. The fruit can be supplemented with berries and candy, chocolate, marshmallows. Alcohol should be abandoned, or at least should be limited to champagne.

Fruit sets for young girls you can decorate your soft toys, just don't overdo them. Making the basket woman of any age, do not skimp on the floral decor. With pink and white colors will be perfectly combined fruits bright, contrasting colors - cherry, pomegranate, oranges, tangerines, etc. Set with traditional fruits should not complement the exotic flowers. Exotic classics is difficult to call it a harmonious duet. A basket of apples, plums and pears can be issued Phlox or daisies. Very cute and beautiful this fruit basket will look with wildflowers.

Do not forget about the language of flowers. In this case, a fruit basket can be not only a pleasant surprise but also a gift that can say many things for the giver. So, yellow chrysanthemums hint that the man offers his hand and heart, with red chrysanthemums can be a Declaration of love, and violets are blue let me tell you about loyalty. Beautiful roses, lilies and lush greenery, decorating fruit basket for women, told that the donor still dares to say aloud on the admiration, of tender feeling and delight.

It is permissible to Supplement the basket card. It is possible to confess in love, to write holiday greetings, or just warm words to the address of the gift recipient.

To the fruit basket turned out harmonious, try to place the fruits in it carefully, or do it in the form of a pattern. Free space safely fill with flowers or greenery.

You can put fruit tiers. At the same crown the composition have the largest fruit. With each subsequent layer the size of the fruit have become smaller.

Don't be afraid to take the initiative when making fruit baskets. You can make experiments with not only the decor, but filling the basket.