Favorite characters of Harry Potter never graduated from the school of magic Hogwarts, their fate is not determined, so many fans want to know what will happen to them after the victory over Volan de mort, what will be their fate. This is what everyone would like to know in the eighth part of the franchise.

The answer to the question of the continuation of the famous franchise of Harry Potter at the moment there is only one: no. According to the author, Rowling, if there was a sequel book and movie, the story, of course, will differ considerably from the previous parts. JK Rowling said that the main storyline is already completed.

However, fans of the writer and magical stories about the magician can please the fact that Warner Bros. going to make a film as a Supplement to the works of Harry Potter. The picture will shoot on the book "Fantastic beasts and their habitats".

That eighth part of the franchise will not, is the fact that there is itself the eighth book, without which the appearance of the film impossible. Currently, Rowling tries his hand at a completely different literary genre and to return to the familiar Harry Potter is not going to.

In that eighth game, is the fact that the actors playing the main the key characters look significantly older than their book prototypes. There is only the possibility that Rowling will write a book about the adventures of Harry Potter after 10-15 years.