Program to create photo collages

The easiest and most common way to create photo collages – work in Picasa. Picasa is a popular substitute for the preinstalled image viewer from Windows, and allows you to not only view images but also make an easy photo correction. To create a collage in Picasa, you need to open the necessary files in edit mode, choose in control panel "create" and open the "create photo collage". In this way, you can create collages in different shapes, sizes, and grid spacing. Collages are saved in the Picasa folder under "Pictures". The resulting image can also be edited (to change exposure, white balance, saturation) and "Picasa", and in any other program editor.

Free program Photo Collage Max offers plenty of backgrounds for collages (pictures for greeting cards, calendars, etc.). Unfortunately, its advantages are exhausted, so how to edit it is virtually impossible.

The Russian program photo Collage gives you a free trial version (10 days) paid annual update. In the Collage quite a lot of types of background, there are good tools for creating beautiful labels. The program interface is in Russian language, which makes it easy to understand it.

More professional collages with the effect of multiple exposures and working with layers can be done through programs for photographers Adobe Photoshop. Since Photoshop is a professional program, every collage will be individual (templates Adobe does).

Online editors

In addition to PC programs, there are also online editors, among other functions, which is the creation of photo collages. The most simple and easy to use is a website where you can not only create collages, but also to impose on the resulting image filters, subjected to the color correction, light retouching or cropping. In addition to creating a collage on the website you can compose a stylish card using your photos and prepare photo collages to print.

Most popular collage maker is Instagram. Create a collage in Instagram directly from smartphone or tablet from the photos that were taken on a mobile device. This collage is not very high-quality look in print, but look good in social networks or on the screen of a personal computer.