Why no desire to have sex

In the first place - a bad dream. In order to have time to do everything: to work, to rest, to go wherever necessary, and to chat with friends, a person "takes" for the awake time that nature took to sleep. The body system is strong enough, but he may rebel. And when the head only desire is to lie down on the pillow rather, questions of sex does not concern completely.

Recommendation: more sleep. If in everyday life this question can not be solved in any cause, compensate for the lack of sleep on the weekend. Or try an hour or a few hours of sleep after work. the body will agree to it. To restore him absolutely do not have to rest for eight consecutive hours. You can give him a "fractional" vacation.

Unbalanced nutrition. For libido you need a set of diverse minerals and vitamins. If you don't watch your diet, you won't get a lot of nutrients, even if you do not sit on a "diet". No fuel, no job, in this case, sexual desire. And for those who regularly dieting, starvation kills the mood because of what I lost the desire to have sex.

Recommendation. Pay special attention to the quality of their food. Those who is an ardent supporter of a variety of diets, be sure to consult your doctor if what you have chosen for yourself. If the doctor is not confirmed, it is desirable to select a suitable power supply system, but without harm to health. Be sure to include in your daily diet products that support and enhance libido. Just do not overdo it with this. Overeating is as harmful for sexual as permanent starvation. All their strength the body releases the stomach, but sex is not energy left.

Relationship problems with spouse. After a family scandal, especially ended mutual resentment, the woman has no sexual desires do not arise in principle. However, there are exceptions. In some people, a major scandal causes violent sexual activity.

If you don't want to sleep with her husband, what to do?

A very high probability that the problem of the lack of desire is not the husband. If to other men sexual attraction remains, then the problem is in your relationship. Honestly answer the simple question: do you really need this person? Perhaps you feel nothing.

If the soul is already nothing left to save your marriage will be problematic. No real feelings people together for a long time can not exist. And if somewhere, even in the farthest corner of your heart, the love, still warm, you can try to eliminate the problems encountered in bed, with the help of a specialist.