Food, with special flavor

Indeed, the real Russian furnace now can be found only in the provinces where the people of the old school continue to honor the tradition, to love and respect the native Russian cuisine. And how many amazing meals you can cook in this stove! Crumbly boiled potatoes in the pot, pancakes with different fillings, pies, ruddy, nourishing porridge with butter, sour soup, rustic varenets and more.

The secret of the unique taste and magnificent aroma is the fact that the food is cooked in ovens, in contrast to the food on the electric stove, not boiling, and languished, gradually revealing notes of each individual ingredient. Have patience, because the process is lengthy, however, it's worth it. As a result of this Ordinance, the food acquires a special intensity.

What to cook?

The traditional option, the most simple, but very useful and tasty, porridge is cooked in the oven. To do this, take grits (you can use any, for example, millet), washed clean in a deep Cup. Then place it in a pot and pour the milk definitely is best fresh, rustic. The proportions should be observed in this order: 1 Cup millet for 8-10 glasses of milk. It remains to add a tablespoon of sugar, salt to taste.

The stove must burn and wood to turn into embers. After which she still needs to stand for 2-3 hours. Once oven is ready, you must place it in a pot of porridge and cover it. In about an hour, the porridge will need to prevent. After 5-6 hours of simmering in the oven, the dish will be ready.

It turns out delicate, airy, creamy porridge with baked milk flavor, eating it is a pleasure. And how much it uses! Products used for cooking, not boil and not digested, and through longing to reach the desired condition. This means that such food will not lose its beneficial properties, as it usually occurs as a result of warming temperatures over 90 degrees.

Varenets village

Cooked in the oven, this delicious fermented milk product to taste will vary greatly with the fact that people are accustomed to buying in stores.

For its preparation you will need: rustic milk high content of fat ‒ 3 liters, and the rustic sour cream ‒ 250 g

Milk should be poured in a cast iron pot that is then place in the oven on all day or night. During the period that it is there, the milk will be ghee. After that, milk should be cooled to approximately 35 degrees. That is feels it must stay warm, but not hot or cold.

It remains to add sour cream to start the fermentation process. The dishes with the future varenets cover with a towel and leave in a warm place for 12 hours. Cooled varenets is ready for serving.

You can paint the dignity of dishes cooked in the Russian oven, but until you try yourself, you never know. But it's worth a try! Experience culinary delight is guaranteed.