Love white magic

White magic is the means by which you can greatly improve your life and solve everyday problems, to gain health, well-being and even to find love. In white magic there are many spells and incantations that attracts love in life. They can be light, giving only a small effect of love, so strong and hard, as the spell of black magic. But the main difference from the love spells of black magic – they aim to improve, to creation and are not intended to bend the will of man.

White magic is often called natural magic, because it never aims to be anything or anyone harm. Charms and spells for love, made with the intention to improve or create, formed warm relations between people, strengthen existing relationships. They do not bind one person to another against his will, not take her husband or wife from the family. They only create around a person's favorable bright aura, and it attracts other people.

White magic helps to remove the damage or the evil eye, which can be persistent problems in his personal life. White love spells, man attains his happiness without causing damage to anyone.

Love spells have their own rules. First of all, they are spoken in a calm state clearly, distinctly, definitely out loud. Sometimes in order to get my thoughts in order, and tune in committing magic acts, quite a few times deeply inhale and exhale and once to read the prayer "our father".

If the thoughts of uttering the spell clean, and he had no intention to force another person or to cause him harm, the spell works and will not cause any negative effects.

The examples of love spells

To clean white spell, you need to go to Church and put a candle for health and well-being of a loved one. You need to tune into inner love for him, a desire to make him happy. You can mentally ask God to help you to love the chosen one. And it is important to specify that this person was not harmed in any way.

Another version of white love spell. You need to take two Church candles, twist them together with the screw. Twisting, to pronounce clearly and distinctly: "As these candles retinue together and we with you will be the Suite.

After that light the candles before the icon and say: "I'm not a candle lit, and the soul and the heart light of the servant of God, (name loved one), for me, God's servant, (your name), forever." All these steps must be repeated 9 times.