Sore throat – how to treat?

When a child has a sore throat, it causes him severe pain, discomfort. He can't eat, say, naughty. It's hard for baby and for parents. It is important to react quickly and in time to begin treatment. A few hours delay can turn subsequently a few days, and even need to take antibiotics.

To understand how and what to treat a throat of the child, first and foremost, invite a specialist to your home. Only a doctor can write a prescription and make the appointment. One of the effective ways of treatment of the throat, is the lubrication of his special drugs. But not every child will obediently open my mouth and will easily handle cavity.

If the baby is already well understood everything, try to explain to him that you are going to do. The worst thing for children is ignorance. After all, it does not imply what to expect. From birth, children are faced with the unpleasant treatments at a clinic or hospital, and almost always painful. The vaccinations, some tests. This one explains nothing and only mother was trying to admonish.

Why bother to start to calm their beloved baby: show him everything, let me touch the instruments, smell the ointment. If the child is big – offer spread first to the throat you. Thus, he realizes that nothing terrible is not here and quietly be allowed to spread his throat. Subsequently, it will be easier to negotiate with your child and he will be grateful for that.

Manual: how to carry out the procedure?

Once you and your child's doctor decided the drug suitable for the treatment of throat, you can start the procedure. You will need a sterile bandage or cotton wool, spoon and, in fact, the drug. Wrap the gauze or cotton on some long thing, but is better on your finger, it's safer. Well and then soak a flannel in the medication and quick but sure movements treat tonsils, the posterior wall of the oropharynx and the arms of the baby.

This procedure will cause retching in a child, as there is pressure on the root of the tongue. It is therefore important to do everything quickly. And then immediately distract your hero some exclamation and praise.

Lubricate the throat several times a day before meals. About an hour to let the medication have time to absorb and act on the infection. This method of treatment is especially suitable very young children, as they do not know how to gargle. But in any case it is much more efficient rinsing, so it is possible treat throat and thus adult children.