The period of adaptation

The baby in the first months of existence is going through a difficult period of adaptation to the world. Most occur in the body the processes of life are not like in adults, the formed people.

Respiratory, gastrointestinal systems, principles of heat transfer, and other vital body functions are still under development and improvement. As nature intended, the child naturally, through a special mode of operation of the body, could smoothly and easily adapt to the outside world. Therefore, most of the phenomena that can cause anxiety of parents, is not a pathology. Rather, it is the norm for the proper development of the baby.

Causes of wheezing in baby

The occurrence of wheezing in infants may occur due to a number of extraneous factors. First of all, newborns are very sensitive to the climate in the house, namely the qualitative composition of the air in the surrounding space. The dust contained in the atmosphere, particularly dangerous for infants due to the fact that the nasal passages have such crumbs of physiologically still very narrow. Therefore, the dust particles settling on the surfaces accumulate in the nose, forming crusts. It is preventing the baby normally to inhale and exhale the air, and he begins to wheeze. In this case, get rid of the causes of wheeze will not be easy. Enough to review policies and rules of child care.

Major mistakes done by parents for the benefit of, as it seems, the child is able to lead to wheezing, is this: the lack of regular fresh air by airing the nursery, insufficient walking on the street, the higher air temperature in the room where the baby. Especially this "sin" parents of babies born in the winter.

Observe the child's behavior. If his General condition does not cause problems, kid normally eats and sleeps well, and not naughty for no apparent reason and he has no temperature, but in the process of breathing can be heard wheezing, start with inspection of the nose. And if they found brown, this is a signal to parents that the conditions of detention nursing infant is wrong and require adjustment. The correct temperature in the nursery should be kept at around 20-21 degrees, and the humidity level to be at least 50%. If it is not possible to purchase a quality air humidifier, make it a rule every day to conduct regular wet cleaning of all surfaces and the floor in the room. This will help not only to avoid the occurrence of rales, but will warn against other possible diseases.

If crust is already formed, you need to help your child get rid of them by cleansing the nose. To do this, in each nasal passage should be injected once a moisturizing spray type Aquamarine, and gently remove the accumulated cotton torontohome.

However, if you experience other alarming symptoms, such as fever, General deterioration, incessant crying or coughing, are mandatory reasons for seeking medical attention. It specialist needs to establish the true causes of wheezing in the infant, and to appoint, if necessary, appropriate treatment. The manifestation of a sharp deterioration in the condition of the infant immediately call for help!