The history of women's knickers

The first pants for women appeared in the late 18th century and immediately became the prerogative of cancan dancers. In 50-ies of the last century they were appreciated by almost all the women wear pants, have successfully introduced the female wardrobe, becoming an indispensable underwear for all occasions. Traditional pants constituted pants with very high waist and long, almost reaching the knee and in some models even caviar. The most comfortable panties was a kind of skinny shorts, maximally protecting the female lower back and legs from hypothermia. Modern briefs with a high waist perform the same function as their predecessors, but they are more interesting and beautiful.

In addition, women's pantaloons had an aesthetic purpose due to good tight fitting properties, they gave the figure a visual harmony, well to hide defects and emphasizing the dignity of women. While pantaloons remained under clothing completely invisible, and the legs and buttocks have gained elastic and neat appearance that caused men in constant admiration. Seamstress complement ladies ' panties with delicate lace and a variety of strap, for what that underwear was adored by all aristocrat without exception.


Today, women's trousers, as before, sew from linen, cotton and wool, but the most popular are insulated and the shaping of the model. The first version of trousers made from a warm wool knit that protects against the cold woman's reproductive system, which is quite relevant for the harsh climate. The second option also sew knitwear, but added to it rubber and elastic thread, which allow you to significantly revise the problematic figure. Slimming women's knickers smooth puffy areas of the figure, evenly redistributing subcutaneous fat and not perezalivat the hip.

Modern knickers are a perfect shift uncomfortable and little Thong. If you want you can get models with a variety of colors, lace and elastic inserts, seamless trousers with high or low waist and so on. Despite their reputation as "Granny panties" today knickers again relevant and fashion designers, turning them into genuine works of art.