Rose is symbol of love and beauty, and its color can tell a lot about the intentions of the giver. In the language of flowers (not only roses) special significance of the symbolism of colors.
Red and white roses in one bouquet mean unity, pink roses accentuate the gracefulness of nature (they mean tenderness and hope), and yellow means joy of communication. Feeling the burning desire to Express, giving coral or orange roses. Burgundy or dark red buds accentuate the wild beauty of your better half.
Bouquet of pink roses can give a sensitive, romantic person, gently touching and relevant to the person to whom the bouquet is given away. A single rose speaks of the modesty of the giver, and goes well with a gift. One who chooses roses with purple buds, is finely and deeply feeling person, oriented to eternal values and very seriously related to your surroundings. Fresh orange hues in addition to longing symbolize optimism and affection. Yellow and red roses you can also give as an expression of violent feelings. White rose is a symbol of innocence and purity.
Similar to the rose are also some other flowers: tulips, red chrysanthemums, carnations. They also say his views: "I love you." Daisies will compliment the charm and beauty of the beloved, and lilies will show the true splendor of nature. A siren is usual to give only once, because it is a flower of first love. Gardenia is good for timid and shy people, as it expresses the hidden love, helping to make it obvious (unless of course, the subject of your desires is familiar with the language of flowers). Violets Express affection, and the daffodils will help play a prank on vanity.