Why do I see a taxi

Changes in traffic associated with the appearance of the sign of the taxis were made at the suggestion of the experts of traffic police: they receive many complaints from taxi drivers who are experiencing difficulties with Parking, and often forced to pay fines due to the fact that all the small spaces, for example, the restaurant, and from there the call came, were occupied by vehicles of employees or customers.

It is usually installed in places where the concentration of potential passengers is especially great (on the forecourt, terminals air terminals, large shopping malls or entertainment centers, end stops, subways, etc.) – and where, as a rule, accumulate taxis awaiting customers.

Зона действия знака стоянки такси

The restrictions for drivers and the stop sign taxi

Sign "Taxi" belongs to the group of road signs special regulation and it differs from the marks denoting the locations of the public transport consists only in the fact that it is installed in the location of the stations, not stops. And in the area of taxi use the same set of advantages as buses or trolley buses at stops – and the rest of the drivers are obliged to observe a number of limitations.

In the area of the sign 5.18 speed of movement of transport is not limited, but at the same time, drivers need to be prepared for the fact that they can see the cars leaving the Parking lot with the passengers. Therefore, next to the sign "Taxi" it is necessary to be especially careful to watch for signals from other vehicles and to comply with the required distance.

To get to the Parking lot next to this sign can only taxi. For other vehicles Parking at a distance less than 15 meters is strictly prohibited and punishable by a fine. The maximum that you can afford is to make in the area of the sign a short stop for landing or landing of the passenger. Provided, however, that this stop will not create interference for taxi drivers.

However, the absence of sign 5.18 does not mean that the taxi driver has no right to stay here: beyond the special places for Parking of taxis parked "on a common basis".

The signs "Taxi" according to the rules should be bilateral: unilateral signs of this group are allowed to be installed only on deserted roads outside of settlements, but the taxi in such desert areas are usually not equip.