You will need
  • - foam
  • - fabric
  • glue
  • - holofayber
If you want to make a dog with high sides, you'll need: upholstery foam with a thickness of 4 to 5 cm), adhesive foam, fabric for covering, holofayber.First cutting the foam into two items of the required dimensions: round bottom loungers suitable diameter and a side height from 20 to 40 inches, depending on size of pet and length equal to the circumference of the bottom. Take the long part to the side, and cut off its edges with the top corners at an angle of 30 degrees, turned to the entrance.
сшить лежанку для собаки своими руками
When trying on items of foam rubber, make a pattern on the fabric, remembering to leave a seam equal to the width of the foam plus two inches. You should have four fabric details: two round for the bottom and two long sides.
как сделать лежанку для собаки своими руками
Sew cover for round foam rubber, leaving a hole to insert it inside. Push the detail to the bottom of the case and sew the hole.
сделать дом для собаки
Take a pattern of fabric for the sides, and sew the flaps on the long sides. Push the foam into the sleeve. Lock the Board into a ring, glue the edges of the foam and sew the fabric cover.
щенок мешает спать
Connect the Board bottom and secure them with glue, staples or thread.
как сшшитьь шлейку для собаки
Sew the pillow case that you put on the bottom of the lounger. For this vykroyte two round parts with a diameter of 10 – 15 cm larger than the bottom. Sew them with itanic, leaving a small hole. Remove the pillow case, fill it with chlorimuron, sew the hole and put the pad in the rug.
If you don't want to do high side for a lounger, you can stitch it in another way. You will need rubber foam , fabric upholstery and decorative cord. Make some foam round or rectangular bottom size and panel it with a cloth.
Further, if the rug will be round shape, sew the sleeve with a width of 10-15 cm and length of 20-30 cm shorter than the circumference of the bottom. Roll a foam rubber roller with a diameter equal to the width of the fabric the sleeves are 10 cm shorter than its length. Push the roller into the sleeve so that each end of the left five inches of loose fabric. Tie the edges of the cushion with decorative cord and sew it to the bottom of the lounger.If you decided to make the bottom rectangular, you will have to sew four soft cushions for each side of the bottom.Soft, cozy and beautiful bed for your pet is ready!