How to put the flowers in a floor vase

To put in a floor vase can be literally anything that tells you your imagination. Very impressive it will look great cut flowers, flowering branches of shrubs and decorative dry twigs or flowers. In addition, if the width of the throat of the vase allows it to put even the flowers in pots.

If the neck is narrow floor vases to put cut flowers, you can use some tricks. If this vase is not equipped with a special inner glass, you can instead put inside a ball of crumpled wire. When floor vase filled with water not to the top, and there is a need in the elongation of stems or branches , this can easily be done using wooden rods or conventional wire. The vase should lower banks of glass or metal, the wire is securely attached to the edges. In banks, there are special holders for the flowers and the upper part of the vase is tightened by a grid made from wire.

To fill with flowers a vase with a wide neck, you need to put in at the bottom of the empty pot upside down, and on top of it — a piece of Styrofoam or a wooden plank. They will act as supports for water containers.

Which songs put in floor vases

For single flower arrangements, it is recommended to choose floor vases made from glass flowers in them will look perfect. If the bouquet consists of numerous inflorescences or heads of small size, it is best to place it in a vase made of porcelain or earthenware. The best option for the long-dried flowers — tall vase of large size. But flower bunch best will look in a vase with a wider neck.

The style of the interior also plays a significant role in the selection of floor vases. If the interior is designed in classic style, you should pay attention to crystal vases or a beautiful metal. The best option for ethnic interior style will be vases of porcelain or stoneware. And for the modernist ideal glass vase.

Due to the fact that the floor vases are quite large and ambitious, for them it is very important to choose the right place. The space in front of these vases have to be open source, without the presence of other items. So they look great in corners of rooms, near the fireplace, on the podium and, of course, on the terrace.

Beautiful floor vase with flowers can liven up and refresh any interior, as you can see for yourself.