Game for 8-month baby is the most effective method of learning. Everything a child could crawl or reach for a toy, whether it's bright ball, metal pan, my mom's sandals or Granny glasses. Any objects, plants, animals, people he encounters, become the object of knowledge, so it is especially important to provide the child a variety of toys appropriate to his age and psychological characteristics.

How many toys should be in baby

The desire of parents and other relatives to provide the child with a full set of all sorts of toys is quite clear: everyone wants to make a baby gift. However, child psychologists believe that toys should not be too much. The abundance of objects disperses the child's attention, makes him concentrate and learn to play with every available toy.

It is more important that toys for baby 8 months was multifunctional. In other words, it is necessary that one toy could make a few different actions. For example, a ball-rattle. It is possible to shift from one hand to another, to roll, to put in the box, to try on the tooth, shake or hide.

Oddly enough, simple toys give the children much more scope for imagination than difficult or very expensive. For example, some kids can be difficult to learn how to use those toys, where you need to press buttons or keys. So you need to carefully examine your child by offering him toys of different types or other entertaining items.

The most popular toys

Each 8-month-old baby is different, so there are no strict recommendations about what toys children should play at a certain age. The best toy for any 8-month-old baby is a normal box, because it gives full play of imagination for children and their parents. A great option would be a transparent box with a lid, in which you can hide different objects, or putting them in there and then get it. By the way, kids love to play with the boxes until at least 3 years.

Baby will love small ball. He would be happy to shift it from one hand to the other, and you will be able to entertain the child, showing how the ball bounces off the floor. You can give your child a soft ball made of fabric or plush, which it will roll.

Shape sorter (toy with holes of different sizes and shapes) – a great gift for 8-month-old baby. It is sure to interest the child, and when he learns to put small parts in an appropriate hole, the child will certainly be one of the most beloved toys.

Many children like baby toys that make various sounds. It can be as a singing plastic figurines of animals and birds, and sets of children's "musical instruments", arranged on the principle of a drum or xylophone. 8-month-old baby with pleasure will knock on them, making fun concert.