You will need
  • - Computer with Windows.
First, you need to open task Manager. In it you can view the list of active processs. It can be done this way. Click "Start". Next click on "All programs" and select "Standard program". In standard programs there is Command prompt. Run it and enter the command taskmgr. In a second will appear "task Manager".
Go to the tab "Processes". Displays a list of all active processs. Under "image Name" find the name of the processand that you want to rename and click the right button of the mouse. A context menu will appear. In this menu, select "Open file location".
Open the folder with the program. In that folder is an executable file that is highlighted. Click right mouse button and in the resulting shortcut menu, choose Rename. Now give the file a new name. It will be a new name in the process. Please note that the rename should be exactly the name of the executable file, not its extension (. Exe), otherwise it simply will not start.
After renaming you will see that the processs the name of the file is still old. To complete the rename procedure you need to close the process and run it again. It can be done. Click the right button of the mouse. Then in the context menu, select "Terminate process".
After that again run the program that corresponds to the renamed process. The name of the processand will be now new. You can also simply restart the computer. After rebooting the PC the next time the program is run the process will have a new name.