To install road signs in the place where you want to, you can't. all the places of installation should be clearly defined and spelled out in special documents. In addition, traffic signs have to meet certain requirements in order to correctly signal to drivers about the condition of the road permitted speed and potential disturbances on the road.

Principles of installation of road signs

Road signs should be installed so that they have seen it all - and the drivers and pedestrians. Because such signs are intended for all road users. They cannot be overridden by any advertising banners and stretch marks. After all, if the sign will be indistinguishable or poorly visible, this will easily lead to accidents, because the driver may not notice that in front of the crosswalk, uneven coating, speed limit, etc.

Road signs are usually set on the right side next to the roadway or directly above it. On standards, visibility of the sign shall be not less than 100 m. When absolutely necessary, for example, repair of the right side of the road, signs can be installed on the left side of the road.

Restrictions on the installation of signs is in height. For example, they can be hung at a height of 1.5 to 3 m and a height of 6 m if it is located above the road. According to the state standard signs should be hung at the same height, so that the driver had while driving to be distracted looking for all the necessary signals.

There are often situations when you want to place several signs in one place. In this case, the distance between them in one post should be from 50 to 200 mm When it should very clearly be adhered to the hierarchy of priority. First, there should be signs of a priority, then a warning, after the prescriptive, then special regulation signs, then prohibiting, information and recent signs of service.

There are certain rules for the installation of traffic signals depending on the terrain. For example, in the settlements they should be hung not less than 25 m from the intersection, and outside villages and other residential areas at least 50 m from the intersection.

Temporary signs

Special attention should be given to temporary traffic signs. After all, they are the priority at the time of carrying out certain works on the road. Such signs on time cancel the effect of the permanent. Temporary signs rasstavlyaet on those areas where the snow, rain or other restrictions limit the visibility to see permanent signs is not possible.

Such signs may be installed on two sides of the road. There are yellow information boards, which are clearly visible even at night and in poor visibility conditions. The distance they are installed as stationary signs. But on top of these expensive plates are not placed.