A century of carp

In the course of the studies, the carp, who lives in the small pond under the supervision of an old man. To date, the carp, there are about a hundred years. Carp older than the old man for thirty years. Centenary fish estimated at six million yen, which is quite a large sum. The same price is set for the greatest pictures of the past, as well as other works of art. And the thing is that such a high price characterizes the interest in centenarians, as life is the most intriguing mystery of mankind. As for true longevity, the turtle takes the first place among the Champions. These clumsy crawlers can live to three hundred years. Recently found turtle, whose age has exceeded three hundred years. Imagine how many events in the world moved this creature. She passed all war, the great discoveries, the changing of kings and princes, the formation of new States. The turtle is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

How is the life of a fish

Experts have discovered that the life of a living organism depends on the growth period of the animal. If you consider the fact that fish grow throughout their life, we can say that fish life will be prolonged. Crocodiles also grow throughout life. Their age also comes to three hundred years. Of course, to judge life expectancy is not based on this little known fact. But still, there is something unique and true. Every living being lives his life depending on the conditions of existence. Many of the inhabitants of the oceans and seas become someone's prey, which reduces their lifespan to the maximum number of days, months and even decades. The basic law of life expectancy, for example, carp and turtles not found. But it is safe to say that the greatest difference in life expectancy carp, pike and catfish, and eel.

Koi carp

Carp breed koi carp live the longest on Earth. The story of a centenarian carp named Hanako a very long time watched Japanese researchers. After numerous experiments it was discovered that the age of the carp has reached 217. The researchers were stunned with the results that could not believe. Hanako died at the age of 227 years. During this time he managed to go down in history as a true survivor. Still, many scientists remain in amazement at how the carp managed to survive so many years in a small pond. What conditions are necessary to this breed of fish for a long life on the bottom of the pond?