You will need
  • - curlers;
  • - the thin comb;
  • - tool for installation;
  • - Hairdryer.
If you prefer a quick curl in the morning, take thermocurler. Before use, put them in a bowl with boiling water, after which you can begin to wrap hair. There are options with electric heating – using them is much easier. For fast Curling and fit the curler on the Velcro. For those who love to do styling for the night, suitable soft flexible curlers with foam and wire rod inside – they can sleep without fear of the future mash tresses.
Another important parameter is the size of curlers. It depends on the volume and elasticity of curls. The larger the diameter of the devices for Curling, the easier the curl they give. The small curls-spiral are doing with bobbins – plastic or wooden sticks with rubber bands for attachment.
Before perming, wash your hair well dry them, and carefully comb. Lightly spray hair with water from a spray bottle. A thin comb to separate her straight strands - they are thinner, the more elastic and uniform will curl.
For better fixation of curls, apply hair tool for Curling in the form of gel, foam or liquid spray. It gives curls extra Shine and prolong their life. Choose a tool depending on hair type. Well fix the perms and folk remedies, beer, decoction of linseed or sweetened water. Wet the strand along the entire length and roll it on curlers, starting at the end of the curl, and holding them at right angles to the head. Try to wind the hair evenly depends on the beauty of the future curl. Secure the curler with a hairpin or elastic band.
Gradually curl all the hair. Wait until they are completely dry or accelerate it with a Hairdryer. Gently loosen one curl. If it's dry, and curl firmly fixed - it's all right. Remove all curlers. Do not hurry to comb the hair first pour the fixing remedy and fluff with fingers. If you want to get a lush MOP of curls, sharply tilt your head downward and then fold the hair back. Now you can gently smoothing styling comb and styling.