A few years ago the idea that things after washing can not be ironed, and immediately put on, was just incredulous smiles of the hostesses. However, thanks to innovative technology developed by scientists from Asian companies ", Nissimo", TAL (Hong Kong), "Itochu", the dream of a crease-resistant shirts have become a daily reality.

Features shirts made from crease-resistant fabrics

Naturally, the masters of fashion and large clothing manufacturers could not pass up the tempting advances of industry, and products made from crease-resistant materials flooded the fashion catwalks, and, following this, and on the shelves of large stores.

Today crease-resistant shirts are sewn from high quality cotton or linen fabric with the addition of blended fibers, e.g., 20% Dacron, or 20-40% of polyester, which are optionally treated with natural resins.

Crease-resistant men's shirts are made from fabrics with a modified structure of the fibers, whereby the product after washing, do not require Ironing. Enough to remove them from the washing machine, shake, and spread gently to hang on the hangers. When the shirt has dried, it can immediately put.

Crease-resistant men's shirt fashion designers

A huge range of models, the variety of colors and styles allow men to choose crease-resistant shirts to suits any style: business or dressy, casual or refined and elegant.

One of the first crease-resistant shirts were released under the Tommy Hilfiger brand. The designers have always preferred the clothes in casual style, so the ability to produce affordable and convenient models of the new materials served as a powerful impetus for their imagination. Soon he created a menswear line, which was the basis of crease-resistant shirts.

To distinguish a wrinkle-proof shirt from the normal is easy: it is enough to look at its label. There will be given one of the names for: easy care, wrinkle-free, non-iron, wash and wear, wash&go.

Firm Seidensticker is one of the most renowned German manufacturers in the product range of which a significant place is occupied shirt from crease-resistant fabric. The models of this brand is made in the classic style, which means they can be worn with almost any business suit. Cheap mens shirts from crease-resistant fabrics are produced under well-known European brands Marks&Spenser, Bruno Banani and Eterna, an excellent products can be found in the collections of the trademarks T. M. Lewin and Hugo Boss.