This information contributes to the emergence of the guides further development of business and formation of readiness to change. The latter is extremely important for fast adaptability to new conditions. Investors, consumers, manufacturers, the government used a variety of methods for assessing competitiveness. Of course, that each of the entities performs analysis based on the gain in today's market. For example, the investor to select the investment objects analyzes the degree of attractiveness of a region or a particular company. Take into account the appropriateness of investments. Methods of identifying the degree of competitiveness needs to take into account qualitative characteristics of the product, the price ratio similar level of customer service, effectiveness of advertising technologies.

What is included in the polygon of competitiveness

This method of comparative evaluation is clear enough to understand and helps you compare products, services and businesses together. For this purpose, the drawing shows the position of the objects being compared in all respects. The polygon is formed on the basis of numerous characteristics, which are represented in the figure by the vectors coming from the same point in different directions. Among them are the following:
- The price of the service or product;
The main concept of the product/service;
- Level of staff in the sale;
- Customer service (delivery, Assembly, warranty and repair);
- The market volume of sales (personal shopping salons);
- Financial well-being of the company;
- Experience of the firm or the novelty of the product;
- The degree of information influence on the consumer (the presence of your own website, conceptual advertising).

Naturally, vysheozvuchennoy points are only approximate values for the axes, because every product or service have their own characteristics.

Important details when constructing a polygon of competitiveness

After you build axes and determine their values using the system of points is determined by the place of the existing goods or companies on them. To create a polygon must connect the dots – indicators. Assessing the obtained figures, it can be concluded on the existing advantages and disadvantages of the evaluated objects. Then there is an active consolidation of the positive aspects and begin active work on elimination of shortcomings discovered during the comparative analysis.