Fluffy rug

The product is suitable even for very worn-out things. Pureed part of the throw, and the whole cut into strips of width 2 and length 10 cm Then can be secured to the burlap or mesh construction.

For the first method you need a piece of burlap that size, what you want to Mat. Fold the edges of the burlap on the wrong side, secure with the flaps in the following manner. Start from the corner, with a hook or tweezers, thread the tip of the flap from the front into the hole between the weave of the burlap. Route it through the wrong side, pull from the front, at a distance of 1 cm from the first tip. Tie these strips with a single knot.

Close to the flap attach the following. Don't forget to wrap the edges of the burlap on the wrong side. When you cover the entire surface of such strips, so the Mat of old things ready.

For the second method of registration, you will need the mesh construction. It is sold in construction shops, markets. Cells it even more than the burlap, so thread will be easier, and the mesh holds its shape better. Make it all the same pieces and you can admire the beautiful finished rug made out of old things.

Needlework knit

If you have unwanted knitted things, they would make an amazing rug. Take the first on the principle of braiding, tie a second great hook.

The principle of the preparation of the threads for both products are the same. You can use a t-shirt. Place it on a Desk, start to cut long strip from the bottom, departing from 1.5 cm across, cut the entire shirt. If one strip did not work, proceed to cut the ribbon, twisting a tangle of them, sew them or tie the ends.

In the same way cut knitted thing of a different color. If there is a third, and will receive her thread as well. Now you need to weave in and out of the three balls scythe and spun it in a separate tangle. When you have done this, start to sew the Mat with its Central part.

Fold the 3 strands of the cables, their length equal to the length of the future rug. Connect these 3 stripes zigzag stitch. Further, the folding "tail" of the spiral, connect them all, prestativa to each other zigzag. Designer rug is ready.

The second item is created even simpler. Once you cut a strip, making it a coil, use a large hook. Dial on it 5 loops, connect the fifth with the first and knit the Mat in a circle. If there is a thread of a different color, weaves them, then get a beautiful colorful rug.