You will need
  • Wool colorful fabric, scissors, cotton thread in color of fabric, safety pin, fabric for lining 80*50cm.
First, you need to cut fabric strips. If existing segments of woolen cloth of equal thickness, the width of the strips should be about 6 cm If the thickness of the fabric is different, cut it so:
• strip of the thickest fabrics, of a width up to 6 cm
• fabric medium thickness up to 7 cm
• from the most delicate of fabric about 10 cm wide.
It is recommended to do a test braid to determine the optimal combination of stripes of different thickness, wherein the braid turns out smooth.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
To create a Mat it is necessary that the length of the strip of fabric was 120 cm If you have material less than the desired length, then stitch it in the following way: two strips of the same fabrics put at an angle of 90 degrees to each other and sew them together at an angle of 45 degrees manually or with a sewing machine, using thread in a tonal stitch fabric. Cut the excess fabric from the seam so that the size of the "tail" does not exceed 5 mm.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Once all the strips prepared, you can start braiding. Staple together the ends of three strips with pins and lock it at that level where you are comfortable to deal with netting. Once the braid is finished, secure the ends with thread or with pins that she had not undone. Choosing a contrasting band of fabric, weave another 10 braids.
Put in some of the existing pigtails and swapping them, pick the best color combination for your Mat.
Now you need to sew the braids. For this put two braids next to on a flat surface and trim the ends. Start from the edge of the product approximately 9 cm long needle with double thread ssuite braids, alternately passing a stitch through the edge of one, then the other over the edge. Do not tighten the thread too hard and be careful that the stitches were not visible on the front side of your product. When to the ends of the braids will be approximately 9 cm, take a few extra stitches, securing the end of seam. Stitch thus procured all of the spit.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Select a red woolen fabric and cut it into strips. Ready strip sew so: three of the width of the rug should equal the length of one strip. The long edges of the strips sew together, so she had the form of a tube.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Alternating braids in a checkerboard pattern, pass through a pipe of red fabric. At the opposite end of the pad secure it with a few stitches, avoiding tightening the thread. Again twisting the tube with pigtails, go back to the edge of the Mat.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Before you finally secure the end of the tube of red fabric, make sure the ends of the braids straightened. After the tube is sewn to the edge of the Mat, trim the tip and tuck the remainder under the edge of the carpet. Similarly, treat the opposite edge of the product.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Place the Mat wrong side up. Lock pins lining, with tucked edge of the material on 2-2,5 see Turning the Mat, check to see whether the lining for its edges. If everything is in order, begin to sew the lining to the wrong side of the Mat perpendicular to the braids. Make five parallel lines, alternating long stitches with small outer. Complete fabrication of the Mat, securing stitches lining the perimeter of the product.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>