The lottery is such a tempting word! But is there any real opportunity to win the lottery the common man? Of course, to win a good sum of money or a worthy prize it is possible. Proof of that are the numerous lucky people who one day decided to test his fate and to participate in the lottery. But now another question arises – how to do it?

How to win the lottery

Everyone with passion in the blood, buying a lottery ticket or just thought about buying it, wondering how to bring the probability of winning. Of course, the first thing you are guided all the people, is intuition. But perhaps it is because of this, many win does not work for a long period of time. It should be noted that, by participating in the sweepstakes, you also need to apply certain strategies and time-tested methods of winning.

If you want to win, do not chase the lottery with a big prize. It is recommended to pay attention to the so-called lottery with a minimum jackpot. In such sweepstakes to win is quite real even for more money than in those where it is disclosed the inflated amount.

Some lottery secrets

If a lottery based on the numbers, try to enter those that have ever brought you good luck. Some use the date of birth or date of another significant day. But it's not the right move, as do most people, which means that in case of victory of winning you will have to divided into parts. It is best to use the numbers that come after the 31. It should also be noted that some numbers have a certain vibration, a powerful boost of energy, so the more others bring good luck the lottery. Such, for example, are 9 and 11.

You need to be able to properly and to buy a lottery ticket. Researchers in this industry indicate that it is best to buy the winning ticket number when you have a birthday. For example, if you have a birthday on 17 July, ticket purchase to be successful in each month. If you play the lottery a lot more often than once a month, you need to know that Monday and Tuesday tickets best buy until noon, weekends after noon.

Of course, to win the lottery, you need a positive attitude and faith in the victory. Because, as we all know, thoughts are material!