Women usually gravitate to a collective work, whereas men tend to work more individually. This reflects the structure of the psyche, and the difference in the upbringing of girls and boys. If the first one is more inferior then the second from childhood to shift responsibility. This may explain why girls tend to find in collaborative work support, and the guys want to be the brains of this team.
There are purely female professions in which men are very little. This is cashiers, kindergarten teachers, stewards (flight attendants).
The work of the cashier associated with the assiduity and ability to concentrate on multiple things at once, that is not too interested in men. The profession of teacher is a real challenge for the mind. And the representatives of the stronger sex more skillfully cope with the management of Boeing and the leadership of a large company than with a Horde of restless kids.
Men can't be caregivers for one simple reason – they have almost no communication skills with young children. Babies often do mothers and grandmothers and fathers and grandfathers are connected to the process of education when the child goes to school.
The flight attendant profession requires resistance to stress and ability to find common language with different people. Therefore, it is more interesting to women. Men also like to feel like a captain, a leader and not staff. For the same reason, nurses, secretaries, agents and sales consultants are more often female.
It is clear that women, by and large, associated with the service sector. Therefore, manicurists, beauticians and hairdressers also are mostly girls. Although, as in any profession, there are always exceptions.
In addition, girls often choose a profession related to training. School teachers, nurses, librarians, Tutors – the vast majority of women.
Many girls may feel that women's jobs are very boring. This is not so. Time does not stand still and today there are many creative jobs for the fairer sex.
One of these jobs is tourism Manager. It gives a good income and also allows you to constantly learn something new. In addition, the managers have a fairly wide social circle, so there's always opportunity to find new friends and fans.
Many girls are attracted to the work of the designer. This is a great way of expression. Yes, the earnings yields are quite good. Of course, if a woman has tenacity and talent.
Another unusual profession for a woman – a specialist in etiquette. Suitable for girls who dream to get into high society and love to be the center of attention.