Choice of meat

To meatballs turned lush and juicy, first and foremost, you need to choose the right meat for stuffing. The ideal option would be the loin or edge piece with the front part of the carcass. If you want you can add in minced meat with the blades, but from the back of the leg should be abandoned, because it has a dry, dense and harsh, which are better suited for jelly. The juicy meat is obtained not from one but from several kinds of meat, such as lamb, beef and pork.

The beef patties do not add fresh milk – it will only worsen the appearance and flavor characteristics of the dishes.

Also, give the burgers juiciness and lightness can be thoroughly vymushiv minced and well having beaten him. This will saturate the meat with oxygen. In addition, in the stuffing, it is desirable to add a small amount of warm boiled water – as much as the meat will absorb. In this case, after liquid is added, the consistency of the meat should resemble the consistency of thick cream. As for eggs, they are not a mandatory component of the meatballs as the dish can be harsh. Therefore, eggs should either be removed altogether from the recipe, or to enter into the stuffing only egg yolks.


A very important component of juicy cutlets and air is the bow. The more, the thicker and tastier the dish. But the traditional addition of bread to meat is a widespread mistake. Experienced Housewives are advised to replace it with chopped potatoes, carrots or cabbage, which you can also RUB on a small grater. Their vegetable juice as much as possible will saturate the meat and make it more juicy and rich.

The secret to getting a moderately fatty and flavorful meatballs is a liner from a piece of butter inside the chicken at the stage of modeling.

To the richness and splendor bought fish cakes, add a little minced pork in the approximate ratio of 1:5 (meat-fish), and water to replace the small amount of welding with a pinch of baking soda. Also a significant role in the taste of the cutlets plays a breading of flour or bread crumbs. A great option is the formation of the patties with wet hands. After modeling it is dipped in beaten egg white and immediately put on the hot frying pan with preheated oil. It does not skimp on the size of the burgers – higher it is, the more richness and splendor.