Ingredients for the chicken meatballs: the right proportions

Usually minced chicken mixed with eggs, bread and onions. It is important to observe the proportions: 1 kg of meat you need to use only 2-3 eggs or the process of heat treatment of meatballs will turn out tough. Breadcrumbs need to use: add 250 grams to 1 kilogram of chicken meat.

How to make the meat juicy

To minced chicken turned out juicy, add onions (raw or fried) and bread crumb soaked in milk. You can experiment with the ingredients, adding the minced carrots, zucchini or other vegetables to taste. To make the burgers juicy will help the crushed ice, and if the meat is not too thick, you can add the stuffing butter.

How to choose meat for chicken cutlets

Perfect patties prepared from chicken flesh. The skin is not recommended, because the process of roasting it will vytaplivaete fat, which will make the dish unnecessarily greasy and heavy.

What to do with mince

Minced chicken before cooking cutlets with a force to recapture and put into the fridge for 30 minutes so that the bread in the stuffing has absorbed the meat juices.

What planirovat chicken cutlets

Traditionally, crisp used flour or ground crackers, which need to dip the patties, but you can use sesame seeds – they dish will turn out original and useful.

How to fry chicken cutlets

Any burgers need to fry in a pan this applies to the cutlets of chicken. First you need to fry the cutlets on both sides in a short time, to "seal in" the juices, and then you can bring them to readiness under a cover on slow fire.