You will need
  • The program InDegign, Internet, specialized literature.
Download program, specializing in layout. Start doing layout in any graphics editor. If you decide to pursue the case on a sufficiently high professional level, go immediately to the program layout.
The simplest and most functional at the moment can be called Adobe InDesign. Download it from the official resource, or free sites, however, a pirated version. But remember that to run a major project using unlicensed resources, you will not leave.
Download multiple video lessons that explain the basic functions of the tools and methods for their use. Unlike most conventional video editors, you don't have to browse through several hundred commercials to "understand" the program. In less than a week, you will be able to learn almost everything necessary for you set of knowledge. Further, only practice.
Download magazines in PDF and try. To develop a style and a certain "taste" to get started, try to recreate those effects and collages, which have already earned recognition among the public. Real works of art in the world layout can be called the journals "Around the world" and "GEO".
Read specialized literature. Now a lot of books about the basic laws of typography - how to build a composition, how to put a picture larger than one column of text, and even number of speakers affect the reader. These and many other laws have been described in an easy and accessible form.
Create your own notebook with notes. The main reduction, advanced effects of laws of layout that can not be broken for a good read, and much more write down in your notebook. Break up the content, make colorful bookmarks, so you can easily find the section you are interested. Don't waste too much time on the shading of typos and errors. This is your personal abstract and its appearance is not so important.