When you choose Wallpaper for painting should be guided to exactly where you plan to do the repairs (house, apartment, office building, school or daycare), as well as the budget that will be spent. Choosing a paintable Wallpaper, you should remember that the cost of the budget once it is necessary to lay the price of the paint. Typically, these backgrounds are painted with latex paint, but you can also use dispersion, acrylic or latex. As a rule, buying paint in combination with the Wallpaper after the consultation of specialists in the construction or design store.


Fiberglass is the most expensive and high quality types of Wallpaper used for painting, used in public spaces (office buildings, schools, etc.). Fiberglass is made from natural materials (quartz, limestone) at very high temperature that allows the glass to turn into a thin and flexible material called painting with glass.

This kind of Wallpaper looks corrugated, very pleasant to the touch and is extremely durable. The walls are covered with steklooboyami, you can wash, including detergents. Fiberglass can withstand up to 20 paint layers and is about 30 years. Thanks to its natural composition, it can be used in hospitals and areas where permanently live or are allergies.

Non-woven Wallpaper

A cheaper form of paintable Wallpaper are non-woven Wallpaper. Interlining, due to its density, fine hides of different roughnesses on the walls, so it can be glued on the most difficult sections of the walls. A textured layer of Wallpaper is created from foam vinyl, which is quite easy to scratch, so stick to it is accurate.

Myself non-woven layer is extremely robust and can even protect the walls of the new house from possible cracks in the sediments of the house. To paint these types of Wallpaper can be a dispersion or acrylic paints, and a few times (overall, at least 5 times during the existence of the Wallpapers).

Paper Wallpaper

The cheapest and the least a high quality paintable Wallpaper paper Wallpaper. Refleot they create a presence in the Wallpaper of wood chips. There are two kinds of paper Wallpaper: simplex (1 layer fairly quickly coming in disrepair) and "duplex"(double-layered Wallpaper, which can last up to 10 years for repeated repainting). Paper Wallpaper can be glued not only on walls but on the ceiling, and then paint them in any color - perfect for a child's room, where the ceiling may be in the form of the sky.