Choosing a finish Wallpaper, will certainly determine the differential roughness of the walls. This can be done using a Builder's level or plumb. If during the measurement differences amounted to more than 30 mm, it is better to choose another way for the walls. When it drops 30-50 mm is better to pre-alignment using surface finishing compounds.

What Wallpaper to choose for pasting uneven walls

If you have limited funds to repair, better to buy two-layer paper wall. Not only are they dense enough – they have a convex embossing. Wrapping the walls of these Wallpapers is visually smooths irregularities, the walls acquire a good look and stop annoying living in the apartment.

When the amount allocated for the repair, allows you to purchase more quality materials for finishing, you should consider these kinds of Wallpapers like vinyl and non-woven. They are not only good density, but also a beautiful appearance that visually and physically allows you to align the wall.

What are vinyl Wallpaper and non-woven

Vinyl Wallpaper looks more shiny and smooth, and non-woven look nobler. So often recommended in living rooms and bedrooms to use non-woven Wallpaper, as in kitchens or hallways vinyl.

Vinyl Wallpaper can contain the outer layer, various additives are metal particles, mica powder, fibers of artificial silk. Foamed vinyl is not only good aesthetically, but also gives the walls a color and the texture. And there is a washable type of Wallpaper, but for uneven walls should not be used because of overly smooth and shiny surface – glitter will sparkle and even more to flaunt the defects.

Due to the dense strip Wallpaper on non-woven in the best position to hide wall irregularities. This finishing material can be ordinary, intended for painting. If in the future the Wallpaper solved will change, when removing them from the walls will be removed only the upper paper layer. The lower, non-woven, will remain. Thus, without time-consuming application of levelling compound the surface will be prepared for the new repair.

For pasting uneven walls are best suited vinyl Wallpaper with a matte surface, well, if they are based on non-woven backing. When gluing, apply glue need not in themselves the Wallpaper and the wall is more convenient. It should gently affix the first canvas – it is better to use a level. It is important to choose a glue designed for gluing this type of Wallpaper.