There is a special Wallpaper for painting. These Wallpapers are impregnated with a special water-repellent composition and have a different surface structure.

Paper Wallpaper for painting can hide cracks and minor imperfections on walls, which reduces the requirements to the quality of training grounds. At the same time, they have a good paraprofessional. They are made by special technology of heavy fibrous paper. These Wallpapers can be painted with dispersion paints in any color. Number. – average of 5 to 15 – depending on the density of Wallpaper. In addition to solid color Wallpaper can create various "special effects": the border, which is applied to the wall using the template, textured patterns, sponge or rag. Important: the stability of the colored Wallpapers to wet cleaning depends entirely on the quality of the applied paint.

The surface texture paper Wallpaper for painting can be divided two categories: structured, or textured, and coarse (fill). Available color paintable Wallpaper already painted factory method, which you can later repaint.

Structural Wallpaper, different printed patterns, usually made from two layers of textured white paper, glued with each other. Not so long ago appeared on the market three-layer embossed Wallpaper with additional layer of paper, which gives greater rigidity to the panel and contributes to better interaction with the adhesive on the wall. Even with several layers of paint these Wallpapers are easily removed from the base. And three layers of Wallpaper left on the wall surface of the thin back layer of paper, on which, on a substrate, it is possible to stick the new Wallpaper of any kind.

Coarse-fibered Wallpaper consist of two layers of thick paper between them with the pressed wood fiber – sawdust. Sawdust it creates a grainy texture. The surface of Wallpaper does not have an ordered structure (no repeats of the pattern), so the panels do not require adjustment of the joints, which greatly facilitates the work with them and allows you to minimize the amount of waste. These Wallpapers can withstand up to 15 repaints and suitable for creating multi-color patterns.

Vinyl Wallpaper, so named for the upper foam layer also can be repeatedly repainted. Are available in addition to white and colored, ready-to-use Wallpaper. The basis of paper or woven material, which is sprayed and foamed vinyl in the form of various reliefs. Non-woven backing is significantly easier with these Wallpapers. Their glue is dry coated with glue on the wall.

Non-woven Wallpaper. Along with paper and vinyl embossed Wallpaper produced from structured nonwoven fabric for painting, allowing you to simulate relief plaster. Non-woven Wallpaper allow multiple repainting and have high water vapor permeability. Painted non-woven Wallpaper looks no different from vinyl. But they are more elastic, more durable, and they do not leave marks on taps and scratches in cases where the vinyl was damaged. Adhered to the wall non-woven Wallpaper are smoothed, even if they were deformed in the coil, whereby the material is very easy to use. But are these Wallpapers are much more expensive.

Fiberglass Wallpaper, or the Wallpaper of fiberglass, backed with fiberglass filaments, which are made of natural raw materials – quartz sand, soda ash, dolomite and lime. This gives the fiberglass a high degree of fire resistance. Fiberglass Wallpaper both durable and elastic, which makes them resistant to deformations. Fiberglass is an inert material, it has exceptional water resistance and durability: Wallpaper easily withstand frequent washing with brushes.

Fiberglass Wallpaper can be glued to almost any surface, doors, wardrobes and other furniture. This type of finishing materials are comfortable and the fact that the replacement of Wallpaper were not removed, and the putty and then apply another coating. Old Wallpaper on the wall remain as a reinforcing layer. For painting of such Wallpapers are applied matte and glossy special paint special viscosity. Glossy paint underscore the texture of the Wallpaper. To repaint, the Wallpaper can be reused, but the thinner and finer structure figure, the faster ist volume because of the layers of paint. High reliefs also retain structure and at repeated repainting.