There are many options, all and not to touch, they are not limited to dresses and skirts. To determine clothing, first you need to take into account such factors as: time of year, time of day on the time date and venue of the first date. Otherwise, it's very awkward when on a first date at the bowling alley, the girl is wearing a short dress with the shoes where she would feel uncomfortable in such clothes. Determine the time and place of the first date, you can approach the selection of clothing.

A date at a coffee shop, Park, cinema

In the afternoon, if it's summer or spring, quite warm. And then the choice of clothing varied. You can wear a light dress to the knee and platform shoes, if a date in a cafe or a movie. To walk better suited ballet shoes, not to be tired from walking. If the weather is cool, the jeans and blouse a great option, top a jacket or cardigan will not freeze. If it is a walk on roller skates, bicycles, the dress have to give. It is better to wear shorts with a t-shirt or shirt, and complete the image sneakers, and grab a hair tie, in the event of wind.

Date of business plan

This meeting is usually held in a restaurant or theater. It requires appropriate clothing. Accurately-fitting dress to the knee and below doesn't spoil. In addition to a dress you can wear heels or wedges. They will look perfect. Also, no one convicted of the trousers of classical style and blouse, with heels.

Useful tips for such a case:

  • Do not forget about makeup. It also needs to pick up. For day Dating the best fit makeup in pastel tones. A minimum of shadows and highlights on the lips with gloss. For date night the perfect smoky eyes or hands.
  • Accessories will complement the image. Just do not take everything at once. It can be a bracelet and a pendant for a date in a cafe, or a clutch bag with a chunky bracelet in a restaurant.
  • You should not wear too bright and overly provocative clothing. Such a selection of clothes many goes and looks nice, but puts in the wrong light, what I would like to be.