You will need
  • - the soil adapted for Yucca,
  • - charcoal
  • - scissors for trimming roots
  • - spray bottle with water.
Yucca loves the sun, so one of the reasons for the wilting of plants may be the location is not on the side of light. Often disease of Yucca detected after a short period of time after the purchase of the plants in the store. They can manifest themselves in two ways: either dry the trunk or foliage.
If thinning on the barrel, you should repot the plant, selecting quite loamy and rocky soil. The rot of the trunk it is not only the wrong selection of the soil, but excess watering. Offered in most shops of the generic peatlands for Yucca categorically not suitable. Digging the plant from the old pot, you need to carefully inspect its roots. Rotten and dried you want to cut down to the healthy part, before transplanting, these parts of roots should be treated with powder of charcoal.
Sometimes misconceptions among growers are concerns about the foliage of the Yucca. Quite often when the temperature is too high the tips wither and turn yellow. In principle, the Yucca plant is quite undemanding and reacts to either overflow or the complete absence of the sun. Also the lower leaves may wither away with the growth of the trunk, that's fine. To help the plant, it is necessary to organize proper care of the Yucca. If the room is too dry, you need to regularly spray the plant with a spray bottle several times a day, then it will feel good.