First, you need to pay attention to appearance. Seller-consultant should know that the first impression about the person more than any other. Therefore, his appearance must be flawless. Shoes, shape or suit should be clean and ironed.Next, pay attention to it. She must be intelligent, without speech errors and words - "parasites". Not the less careful you should be when writing. Handwriting needs to be at least legible in the absence of grammatical errors. Pleasant thing would be if you have a spare pen in case, if customer need it. No less important manner of communication of the seller-consultant with the client. His speech needs to be balanced, clear, calm, and clear. You can't interrupt a customer, it's worth a listen to the end to find out all his wishes and opinion. In the process of communication should not be distracted from the client. In this case, having the confidence that he needed this particular company, and in any case will not leave. The seller-consultant must be maintained. The head should always be washed, nails trimmed, the body is washed. Any person will be pleased to see clean and tidy consultant next. To win over a potential client you can use the technique of "active listening". The essence of it is that the consultant is not just to listen carefully to the client, but during his monologue to insert such words as: "Certainly!" "Of course.", you slightly nod, indirectly encouraging the client to develop his idea further. With the experience of such words or gestures can accumulate a fair amount.When writing your CV for the post of "sales" we need to convince the employer that he is competent in the particular area in which working with the firm the potential employer. Great importance has specialized education and experience in a similar position or field. It is worth mentioning the hobby, in that case, if it is directly or indirectly related to the desired position.