Any vaccination causes the body kid's reaction. It is stressful and hard work for the imperfect the immune system of the child. She is busy with the production of antibodies to pathogens introduced with the vaccine.
Reaction to flu shot each baby is individual and pass at different times. So, in some children, an increase in temperature occurs by the evening and others the next day or even later. The temperature reaction may not occur, but the immune system at that time still weakened. So, if you have added additional external adverse factors, the load becomes excessive. Can crash. In this case complications can not be avoided.
Swimming, in its essence, is a procedure tempering. Usually the back and chest of the baby while bathing are over the warm water and effusions it periodically. In between is their cooling. Any such procedure is only useful for a healthy baby. For the body, weakened by vaccination is an adverse factor that can cause complications from the vaccine.
Bathing of the child after vaccination in more hot water can cause an increase in temperature, if it was normal. In addition, there is the likelihood that as a result of decoupling, such a procedure will cause the development of infiltration (seal) at the injection site. To exclude this possibility, most pediatricians do not recommend bathing vaccinated child not only on the day of vaccination, but in the next couple of days when may manifest temperature reaction. Especially it should be observed after the DPT vaccine.
But there are pediatricians who have a different opinion about bathing after vaccination. They believe that bathe the child even on the day of its holding, if he feels well and the temperature had not increased. While maintaining the temperature of the water while swimming, such a procedure won't hurt. Not only to prevent steaming, rubbing the vaccination site with a washcloth or towel. Bathing should be brief. It is best to wash baby a warm shower. Short-term bath also does not hurt the child in the absence of his temperature. It can make even the same evening after vaccination.
If the baby decided to bathe, while bathing and after it it is necessary to exclude the possibility of a cold. For this you need to eliminate the drafts in the bathroom. To prevent overcooling of the child in the apartment after a swim.
All pediatricians agree that after vaccination, you need to carefully observe the condition of the crumbs. If the evening after vaccination the temperature rose to bathe the child cannot.
Mom knows best and feels as her baby. So to decide which advice to follow. And if you decide that it was right to play it safe, then your child could do a day or two without bathing and bathing.