Vaccinations for babies first year of life do different, and the child's body differently reacts to them. So to make a decision about how to bathe the baby or not, based solely on the condition of the crumbs. Doctors do not recommend to bathe the baby at least the day of vaccination, to exclude the possibility of infection any infections or colds.
Most temperature in babies is increased after DTP vaccination domestic production. With the introduction of imported drugs, this reaction occurs much less frequently. Fever after vaccination is seen during the first day and usually subsides in three days. So after this vaccine is not advisable to conduct any water treatment.
Even if the child can tolerate vaccinations, do not neglect the pediatrician's recommendations and to bathe the baby on the day of vaccination. The next day, if your baby feels good, it is necessary to measure the temperature, and if it is OK to bathe the baby.
Polio vaccine and hepatitis rarely cause any reaction in the body of the baby. Therefore, after carrying out these vaccinations, you can swim in the same day.
BCG vaccine is typically administered to kids in the hospital. On the day of inoculation of the child bathing is not necessary. Reaction to the vaccine appears usually after 1.5—2 months in the form of an abscess formed at the injection site. Bathing at this time, the child can, but should avoid active effects on the skin in the area of vaccinations.
Injection of mumps, measles and rubella give a reaction 10-14 days after vaccination, therefore, restrictions for bathing on this day no. Then you should carefully monitor the child and do not miss a possible temperature rise.
All known Mantoux is not a vaccine is a skin test, which test the susceptibility of the organism to tuberculosis. Doctors recommend not to wet vaccinated three days prior to the check. Generally, the ingress of water to the vaccine has no effect on the result, most importantly, do not scratch and do not RUB this place a washcloth or towel. So if you need to bathe the baby, this must be done quickly, trying less to expose the injection site is exposed to water.
Bathing the baby after vaccination should be carried out in compliance with certain rules:
- you should not RUB the injection site with sponges, washcloths or towel;
- water temperature should match the body temperature of a baby;
- if the bathroom is cold, you better heat it with a heater;
- do not turn on the hot water, thereby creating a high humidity in the room;
- long-term water treatment is undesirable, you should fast to atone for a child to not have a cold.
Bathing babies after vaccination is not prohibited, if he has no fever. If a child is crying after vaccination or have a sore injection site, swimming will be very useful and will help baby to relax and relieve emotional and muscular tension. Therefore, taking the decision on carrying out of water procedures after vaccination, should be guided solely by the health of the child.