Bathrobes for the beach is very practical. Their main purpose - protection from UV rays delicate skin. Some models beach robes have special hoods to help protect hair from ultraviolet radiation. You should also consider the fact that beach robe looks really cool, it will make your look memorable and unique.

Length beach gowns can be different. The perfect solution is a model that is similar in color with the suit. Such robes in their cut resemble the lungs capes that will make your look incredibly stylish and attractive. Choose for yourself a beautiful model is very simple, because designers are provided on fashion shows a lot of models to suit every taste.

This season will be the actual Bathrobe as a tunic. It is a model of arbitrary length with cropped sleeves. Effectively also look the styles with bare shoulders. In the trend is the asymmetrical hem, so you should look at the bathrobes with different hem. Believe me, in this gown you will look amazing.

Robe resembling a kimono, is also very relevant in recent times. The Eastern style looks very fashionable and stylish. Such models of bathrobes are most often created from silk. They are often decorated with a variety of embroidery and sequins. In such models you will look amazing and feminine. Perhaps you should pay attention to the Bathrobe as a dress. Usually such models are created of light materials. The cut is usually quite comfortable and free.

The materials used

Speaking of which, braided and knitted fabric is favorites this year. Many designers have chosen for their collections of these materials. A great solution for summer holidays and will be a Beachy gowns, made of lace, silk and knit. Favorite is still the chiffon. But in most of the beach robes are created from light and natural materials. It can be bamboo, linen or cotton. Data fabric well breathable and can protect the body from the heat.

Current colors

Popular color scheme is monotone. The most stylish this season will be beach robes, executed in a pastel palette. The material may have a mint or coral color. Also of importance are the following colors: pink, white, black, and orange. It should also pay attention to the robes with prints and inscriptions. It can be images of animals, birds, and various ornaments and patterns.