You will need
  • - beach closet;
  • accessories;
  • creams with the effect of flicker;
  • scrub;
  • - body butter
Pick up your beach wardrobe in which you will look the most effectively. Try not to restrict itself to traditional swimsuit and schists. Approach this issue with imagination, because a beautiful holiday pictures will delight you for years to come. Buy not only some swimsuits, but the tunic, hat, handkerchief, which is suitable to them in style. Learn how to tie several ways a pareo. Don't forget about the jewelry, which will elegantly sparkle in the sun.
Prepare the skin to sun exposure. A few days before the rest do the waxing regularly use the scrubs. If you are against tanning, treat yourself to a few sessions of artificial tanning. In this case, in the first days of the holiday, you will look spectacular and will reduce the risk of sunburn. Before going to the beach, use sunscreen with reflective chastyami or coconut oil. These funds will help you to get an even tan and look great.
If you do not have time to put in order the figure for the beach season, use the Express methods. For example, try bodyflex popular methods of training based on the special way of breathing. Exercises do not take much time, and the result, when done correctly, will be noticeable within a few days. Before going to the beach do 20-30 sit-UPS at a fast pace: this active exercise will lead to tone the abdominal muscles, and you will look more effectively. While walking along the sea shore be sure to keep your posture.
Refrain from heavy meals while sunbathing. Absorbing a large amount of food a woman rarely looks aesthetically pleasing. Platter of sliced fruit or a beautifully decorated cocktail best options to pamper yourself on the beach.