The effect of relaxation in a chair-pear may give only high-quality filler. He must carefully envelop the body while holding it, making it awkward to fail.

What filler for frameless seat best?

Manufacturers of this furniture are often used as filler for their products Styrofoam pellets. They are sold in plastic bags with a volume of 100 liters. The cost varies from 400 to 700 RUB. For filling the bean bag for an adult person of average build will need about 400 litres of granules. Since the mass from the foam balls are small, in terms of weight it will be only 5-6 lbs.

Styrofoam pellets are good because vysokohirne: don't absorb sweat, dirt, smell. These bouncy balls are able to withstand repeated loads, but if necessary, this filler is easy to replace. The granules are non-hygroscopic, they will not infest insects. In short, from any point of view, little Styrofoam is the best choice for production of frameless furniture.

What else can be used as filler for bag chairs?

A more exotic variant of a filler for frameless furniture – legumes: grains of rice, peas, beans, beans. For those seeking to surround themselves with environmentally friendly things, this is a great alternative to polystyrene. However, be aware that in this case, in the room where the bean bag chair should be a normal humidity. At high even a well-dried grain legumes may become moldy, as organics is very hygroscopic. In addition, if a frameless furniture is located in the country, it can wind up a variety of bugs. Grain legumes can motivate and rodents.

As filler for bean bag, you can use bird feathers and wood shavings. They should be well dried, especially feathers: wet have an odor. If the household has allergies, this type of filler is not recommended.

Choosing a chip, you need to be careful: carefully inspect the filler and removing all the thin chips, thereby minimizing the risk of getting a splinter. The best choice is pine shavings. It has a pleasant medicinal aroma, repels insects and other pests. Purchasing a bean bag chair, you need to think in advance about what to replace the gasket as over time it tends to minutesa.