You will need
  • - Computer with Internet access;
  • program browser.
Launch the program browser, go to the website of your mail system. Log in: enter your username and password. The system will take you to the Inbox. This folder contains all received messages. Unread messages appear in bold. Messages of high importance are marked in red with an exclamation mark. Messages that have attachments (attached files) are marked with a paperclip. You can download the attachment without opening the email, clicking on the paperclip icon. To work with incoming mail, click on the subject line. In the upper part of the letter will specify the address of the sender, then the subject and the text of the letter.
E-mail features allow you to forward this email to other recipients by pressing the appropriate button. If to the letter attached file, the link will be placed after the text. You can download the attachment by clicking on it and pressing the right mouse button. Select "Save target as" and specify a location on your computer. You can also reply to the message by pressing the corresponding button.
Create a new message by clicking on the link "Write a letter" or "Create message". Fill in the "to" field, put the recipient's email address in Latin letters without spaces. In the CC field and BCC specify additional recipients for the message, if necessary. Use e-mail handy in case of mailing a single message to multiple recipients. Fill in the Subject field so that the recipient can know what will be discussed in the letter. Write a text message, e-mail features allow you to format it standard commands (font style, font size, placement and color of the text).
If you need to send a file, click Attach file, select it from your computer and click "Open". Wait for the file to load. On many email systems have limitations on file size, so, for example, better pictures to fill in the relevant resources and send only the link to the album. When all fields are filled, click "Submit".